The New York Times Book Review Adam Frank:
“[an] excellent book. Walking through the wreckage of a thousand atheism-versus-religion debates, [Thompson] asks us to do something truly radical and withhold judgment on the big (perhaps unanswerable) metaphysical questions as we carry out our explorations. Instead, we can focus with honesty and integrity on where the empirical, experiential information actually lies. It’s there, he says, right before us, in the lives we inhabit.”

Available from Columbia University PressAmazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo/Chapters, and other booksellers.

Using Indian and Western philosophy, and the neuroscience of consciousness and meditation, I investigate how our consciousness and sense of self shift across waking perception, mind wandering and daydreaming, meditative states, falling asleep, dreaming, lucid dreaming, deep sleep, out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, and dying. Chapter 9, “Dying: What Happens When We Die?” is available as a short ebook at Amazon and the Itunes store.

Also reviewed at the NPR 13.7 Cosmos and Culture Blog by Alva Noë.

Chosen by Inside Vancouver as one of the 10 notable 2014 Vancouver books.

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